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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

SSRS Report - Document Map Label

While working on reporting, using SQL Server Reporting Service, i ran into an odd issue with the report view format. Eventually figured it out after some research and its sorted, thought it would be a good share to help others in future.

Have you ever stuck with a situation where your SSRS report started showing the "Document Map" by default in the report? And you will have to click on show/hide to remove it from the page  each time to view the report on full screen. I found it really annoying, it really is when you have to do this few times in a day, besides your customer can also raise objection.

This happens when you have grouping in your report, SQL add this "Document Map table" option to your report by default that make this appear on the report. Now the first thing you can check to remove this, I did the same, is to go to the group properties and remove the Document Map label entry.
  1. Open the report in Visual studio
  2. Select the layout tab of your report
  3. Right click and edit the group
  4. Select the general tab, and clear the expression from the Document Map label box.
  5. Repeat the same step for all the groups you have in your report
But things will be little more nasty, if there will be no expression defined for any of the Document map label field for each group.

The other option is to edit the URL, pass the parameter "rc:DocMap=false" to the URL use to call the report and it will hide the label by default. But obviously it's not a viable option for business user to do this every time they have to access the report.

The final, and my favorite, option is to edit the XML defined in the report definition file directly and you will get rid from this issue.
  1. Rite click on the layout tab, and click on Open file containing folder
  2. Copy the original report definition file first, and then rite click and open in notepad or visual studio.
  3. Search for the "Grouping" instance within the file and remove the label defined for every group: "<label>field….</label>".
  4. Remove for every group instance you can find within the file.

Be careful that you do not edit any other tag in the file, save the file and open report now, and the tab will not appear by default:

I hope this helps, and as usual any comments and feedback are more than welcome.


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