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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Project Server 2010 - Task and Timesheet workflow

There are some valuable content related to the Project Server 2010 Time-sheet and Task data flow been added on the TechNet site, including videos. I have witnessed frequent question posted on the Forums regarding Timesheet and Tasks management, also after the introduction of the great new feature of Project Server 2010 SEM (single entry mode). I believe these videos will be of huge help to the users to understand the concept and functionality of the timsheet and task management. 

Also, i want to take the advantage and remind you about the work-flow diagrams related to the same topic posted a while ago on the TechNet forums, click here to access.

Below diagram, and more you can access from the above posted link, will certainly help you understand the data flow of the task and timesheet in a SEM.


I was looking for a good article about project management, increasing my firm’s turnover , overall effectiveness and how to run them effeciently by implementing time management systems like that of timesheet ...Nice article ...It is always better to spend some good time reading on a good article Your's is one among that…. great work..GO ahead..

thanks a lot for leaving the comment, yours feedback is always valuable to me.also you can contact me through email in-case you need any assistance in enhancing your firms' productivity using Project Server features.

Useful video in deed and I'm glad to know more about this project server. I also recommend you to try comindware task management for customizing tasks as specific, so as regular. By the way, workflow diagram is very useful for conducting analysis.

Thanks for sharing, I will bookmark and be back again

Timesheet Management System

Hey, nice site you have here! Keep up the excellent work!

Timesheet Management

Timesheet allows us to record the time we have spent completing tasks. Thanks for sharing..

Very useful video and very informative content you have shared. Thank you for posting such a unique and valuable post.

Web Time Clock

Can someone confirm that if the SEM is activated, we cannot change the assignment owner? Trying to do this, the assignement is not visible in the timesheet of the new owner.

It seems like the right of learning about organizing all in a better way the way its necessary and this is how it should be.
I believe agile with scrum methodology has all those elements which can help something in doing better in terms of everything.

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