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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Project Professional 2010 - Baseline BUG

Seems like it's a BUG finding season!

But this time it's much more severe and the impact is not acceptable. But the good thing is, or may be bad not sure really, that it seems more like a client side issue, i.e. Project Professional 2010. One of my Blog reader has drawn my attention towards this, after briefly discussing with few of the Project Forums active members, i thought of documenting the Issue here to spread the word.


Consider the organization setup where the PMO or some other governing body is responsible to set the baseline of the Project and restrict the users to not to change the baseline values by utilizing the Project Server permissions. What if I tell you that user can still be able to change baseline values even in the presence of DENY BASELINE PERMISSION. how its sounds – Scary!

This is exactly the case with the Project Professional 2010, that the user is able to change the baseline values of the certain fields and can save and publish the project, even when he is not allowed to do so.


Project Professional 2010 connected to the Project Server 2010 PWA instance.

Patch Level
Project Server 2010Project Professional 2010Dec CU(both client and server)
Project Professional 2007


Steps to Produce the BUG:

Lets make sure first that the Project Server Group save baseline permission is Denied for the group users

  1. Login as Administrator to the PWA
  2. Go to the Server Settings, Manage Group Permission
  3. Click the Project Manager Group
  4. Select the category associated with the Group, scroll down to the Project Permissions and DENY the SAVE PROTECTED BASELINE permission

All set, lets move further. Assuming that there is already a Project exist for the Project manager with the Baseline values set by the PMO. Now let's retrieve the Project plan from the server and verify if change in baseline values are REALLY DENIED for the user.

  1. Open the Project Professional
  2. Connect to the server using the appropriate Profile
  3. Retrieve the Project Plan from the server
  4. Insert the baseline columns to the Project Plan, such as Baseline Duration, Baseline Work, Baseline Cost, Baseline Start/Finish.
Try Set the Baseline:

  1. Select the Project tab from the ribbon
  2. Click Set Baseline, and select Set baseline from the drop down
  3. Check the Set Baseline radio button, select the Baseline0 and click OK
  4. The message will appear to inform you that you do not have the sufficient permission

Try Clear the Baseline:

  1. Select the Project tab from the ribbon
  2. Click Clear Baseline
  3. Check the Clear Baseline Plan radio button, select the Baseline0 and click OK
  4. The message will appear to inform you that you do not have the sufficient permission

Now back to the Project Plan where we have inserted the Baseline columns:

  • Select the BASELINE WORK field, and its READ-ONLY

  • Select the BASELINE DURATION field, and its EDIT-ABLE

  • Select the BASELINE START field, and its EDIT-ABLE

  • Select the BASELINE FINISH field, and its EDIT-ABLE

  • Select the BASELINE COST field, and its EDIT-ABLE


The only alternate solution is to use the Project Profession 2007 until the FIX release. But Project 2007 can only be use with Project Server 2010 if the server is configured to be use in BCM state. So this further narrows this  option to be opt by the organizations who migrated or upgraded from Project Server 2007 OR earlier planned to use Project 2007 along with the Project 2010.

To any effected user out there, open the ticket with Microsoft support to sort this out if its urgently required or wait until the FIX releases. Although I don't think if you can compromise on this even for a short while, but since it's not fixed in the DEC CU – so you better log a call now.

Any feedback, comments are most welcome.



Another solution...don't allow Project Managers/other users other than those who can should be allowed to save baseliens to open Projects using Project Professional 2010. They may be able to submit updates over PWA still, but at least with that method, they cannot change baseline values. However, this method may not be ideal for organizations where the PMs are responsible for their schedule integrity.

The issue you described is not the real bug, because the changes you made in some of the baseline fields you cannot save due the protected baseline, so no harm done.

The real bug in 2010 is when you create a new project or get a mpp file, you set the baseline and you save or publish (in the new project) you succeed to save the baseline even the save protected baseline box is clear or set to deny for a Project Manager group member owner. After saving or publishing it, you can clean or set again a new baseline without any problem during the same session. Only after you close the project and reopen again, the protected baseline option works, even though you can edit some baseline fields as you described, but you cannot save the changes.

In Project Server 2007, if you do the same thing in the first save with the baseline set, the baseline is deleted before save.

CU of December does not address this bug.


Thanks for the good explanation.
Glad someone else found the same issue.

Point is that you can edit, SAVE & PUBLISH definitely all baseline fields the way you explained it even if the editing person (PM usually) hasn`t got any of the permissions to save unprotected as well as protected baselines.

I know that it`s always hard for all those microsofties, mvps and epm experts to accept bugs.
But this time it`s not a feature :)!


June 2012 CU for Project 2010 should fix this.

Hey Brian thanks alot for sharing, much appriciated that u have spared time to visit my blog.

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