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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Project Server 2010 - Project Read-Only BUG

I want to share the details of the recently discovered Project Server bug, thanks to the Project forums, later verified in my environment and draw MS attention towards it. It's now been acknowledged by the Microsoft as a bug.

If you try to open the project to edit using the project icon displays besides the Project name in project center, the project will be open in READ-ONLY mode for you. Although it meant to open in edit mode so that user can update the project, but due to the issue it opens in read-only state and thus not to let the user to edit the Project.

System Requirement:
Following environment detail only state the target server/client software and not the detail such as pre-requisites required to run the mentioned software.

Patch Level 
Project Server 2010 Project Professional 2010 Dec CU 
Project Professional 2007 

  Steps to produce the Bug:
  1. Login to the PWA as a Project Manager
  2. Go to the Project Center
  3. Click the project icon available along with the Project name
  4. Make sure the Project is not already checked-out
Project Center View

     5. The project will open in Project professional client in read-only mode

    Project Professional

        6. Further if you try to save the project after edit, the pop-up will display with the deny message.

      Deny Message

      Effected users:
      The business user or end user, mostly Project Manager or the Team leads, will get effected due to this issue. It certainly is not a showstopper but the issue can became headache, or led to another issue, to the administrator due to the repetitive queries from the users if not notified proactively. Also If not aware, the administrator of the system can also lost in troubleshoot the exact issue.

      The formal solution or patch by the Microsoft is yet to release, and we may expect the fix in the coming Project Server CU. However, there are few alternatives to accomplish the objective:

      First Alternative – Open/Edit Project In Project Web App

      1. Login to the PWA as a Project Manager
      2. Go to the Project Center
      3. Click the project
      4. Select the Schedule project detail page
        Schedule PDP
            5. Click on Edit available on the PWA ribbon, and select the In Project Web App option from drop down

        Edit in Project Web App

          Second Alternative – Open/Edit Project in Project Professional

          1. Open Project Professional, and select the Profile to connect with the server
          2. Select File, and click on Open
          Project Professional

                3. Retrieve the project list from the server

            Select Project
                  4. Select and open the project to edit/update

              Project Professional



              hi Khurram, I get the Read Only status if I just click on the icon ie I do not have to highlight the name as well. Do you get the same behaviour?


              Highlight the project is not required, click on the Project icon available next to the project name means you want to open the project to edit in Project Professional.

              The same issue i faced on the very first day i created a project on PS 2010. It happened to be the issue for me in the world of EPM 2010 :). I found out the same solutions that you posted. And then i am still sticking upon the same workaround u posted as solutions.

              Last comments was from "Maaz Ibrahim"

              Hi Khurram,

              Do you know if there is any Bug submission for this issue on Microsoft Connect?

              Tiago Totti

              Hi Khurram,
              i have a query.i have installed mpp 2010 and i want to open the plan in read only mode by its read/write mode by default.i want to change it to read only mode.some users are opening the plan in read/write mode without their plz help me out.

              thanka and Regards,

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