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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Year 2011 in review

A year 2011 is been a roller-coaster ride for me through out in terms of personal and professional activities. Professionally, being a Project Management specialist using Ms EPM solution, it was year of lot of new learnings and achivements. Since the release of SharePoint 2010 and than later Project Server 2010 during mid of last year 2010, there were so much to catch up to grasp the early release of the product and than to demonstrate and implement to the real world scenarios. And without any doubt the Project Server 2010 is the most mature product from any of its predecessor, and this claims the Microsoft the highest rating for Project and Portfolio solution out in market.

Inspired by the idea of reviewing my blog at the year end, here are my top 5 blogs of year 2011 based on the number of hits:
  1. Project Server 2010 - Task and Timesheet workflow
  2. Project Server 2010/2007 Permission Settings
  3. Project Professional 2010 - Baseline BUG
  4. Project Server 2010 - Resource Picker on PDP
  5. Project Server - Project Progress Tracking Methods
All your comments and feedback motivates me to write more and serve the community and readers out there to know more about Project and Project Server 2010. So folks keep visiting and sending your feedback, have a great year ahead.


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