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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Project Server 2013 - My First PWA

In continuation to my work related to evaluation of Project Server 2013, i have finally reached to the final milestone of provisioning my first PWA 2013 site .. wohooo... :)

My very brief and spontoneour reaction was, man its awesome :) .

The interface and arrangment of options are quite different than its predecessors, where Project Server 2010 was following almost the same interface and same placement of navigation links to different options as it was in Project Server 2007.

However PWA 2013 in first glance looks quite different, first the links in navigation pannel are all filtered out and only major ones are there now such as Projects, Approval, Resources, Tasks and Reports. Which is good as i always use to think that this whole lot of options on home page can be be quite puzzling for naive end users. But ofcourse this doesnt mean that options are missing, its just that they are hidden by default.

The home page also got metro interface, where i can see few quick link to options such as more settings and etc., and i have yet to explore all this in detail.

Prior to reaching to this stage, i have created OOB web application and its also nice to see all new SharePoint site.

The option to change the site look and feel and logo etc. let me quickly change the layout of my site. It comes with few built-in themes, with flexibility to change the color theme and font style etc.


Keep coming back for more interesting stuff related to Project Server 2013 here.


Dear Mr Khurram.
Hope you are well.
i need your expert guidance to install EPM from scratch.
i am sharepoint2010 developer and my current organization is planning to install EPM2010.can you please guide me on this?

Hi Rizwan,
message me through linkedin, and i will share my contact details with you to move forward.

Hi Mr. Khurram,

I would like to reach you for a suggestion and advise. Can i connect with you through linked in?

John Richard

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