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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Demand Management using SharePoint Designer 2013

One of the amazing capabilities of Project Server 2010 was introduction of Demand Management concept, which let us automate complete project/proposal life cycle to provide more control to the project flow and data.

Development of Project workflows, at high level, can be seen comprises of following major steps process:

1. Configuration within project server, such EPTs, PDPs, custom fields etc. etc.
2. Develop workflow using .Net or Use of any 3rd part tool such Nintex workflows for Project Server 2010

The above can best illustrated by following diagram, where the complete process was categorized in three major phases:

Sometime back i have blogged in detail about the development options to build Project Server 2010 workflows here.

Now in Project Server 2013 (#projectserver2013), Microsoft has taken major steps to improve this experience and simplifies the process of implementation of Project workflows. Project Server workflows can now be implemented using SharePoint designer in addition to Visual Studio.

Yes you are reading it absolutely rite, its now possible to create workflows by using SharePoint designer 2013. which means that with very limited coding knowledge, see the emphasis :), you can create complex Project workflows to manage the life-cycle of a wide range of project and proposals.

I am excited about this improvement, and believe that it can attract more users now to utilize the advantage of workflows. Let me dig more into detail of and share with you soon in future.

Until then you might be interested to follow the official blog of SharePoint Designer 2013 to stay up to date with the new features and offerings.


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