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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Project Server 2010 - I like it and Tags & Notes

I came across this query from one of my customer, and i think its a good share since i cannot see much about this in case of Project Server. As we all are already aware that Project Server 2010 is build on top of Sharepoint 2010, and in sharepoint 2010 some improved and enhanced user colloboration features were introduced. 'I Like it' and 'Tags and Notes' are to name a few, they can provide you facebook etc. sort of social communication capabilities while staying in the sharepoint portal. Since it appears in Project Server Project Web App that is users home page automatically as part of the sharepoint feature, it would not be very unlikely that your users wants it to be removed from the PWA.

The question was: How can we remove this from the PWA?

The solution is to deactivate the feature from the farm and it will disappear from the PWA page. Open Central Administration, go to the System settings and click Manage Farm Features

Scroll the page and look for the feature: Social Tags and Note Board Ribbon Controls and deactivate the feature.

And this will remove the feature from your PWA page.

Keep checking the blog as i might write about the use of the these features in details in my next post. Also If this helps you, please feel more than welcome to share or leave your coments on the page.


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