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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Project Server 2010 - SP1 Features in detail

In continuation to my Project Server 2010 SP1 announcement blog, i have just discovered in detail about few of the 'great' fixes the SP1 will bring based on the huge requests of the users. And they are:
  1. Time-phased support for manually scheduled tasks
  2. Improvements to project scheduling in Project Web App

Time-phased support for manually scheduled tasks:
Microsoft introduced the manual scheduling or user-controlled scheduling in Project 2010, which is a collection of features designed to give you more control over how tasks are scheduled. This gives you more control over your schedule but one of the areas you didn’t have control was editing timephased data for them. With Project 2010 SP1 you can now edit timephased data for manually scheduled tasks on the Project Client and Project Server. For more details, see this.

Improvements to project scheduling in Project Web App:
With introduction to the ability to create/edit Project schedule through Project Web App. One of the limitations though was that the only way to edit projects that contained Fixed Work or Effort Driven tasks was to use Project Professional 2010. Project Web App only allow you to edit or create project with Fixed Unit tasks. With Project 2010 SP1 you can now edit project plans containing Fixed Work tasks and Effort Driven tasks in Project Web App. For more details about this new fix, click this.

I am sure most of us, Project Server Consultants, were eagerly needed the above fixes as often it was hard to convince the users about limitations of scheduling through Project Web App. 

Until the next post, happy Projecting ... :)


Great Blog. Found many useful Posts here

One more improvement for PS 2010 in SP1;
that is Multi-Browser Support (For Team member users only!!)

What about the enhacement done for integration with SharePoint task list. :)

I mean SharePoint task list sync now also supports auto scheduled tasks in addition to manually scheduled tasks

another addition is done for Multi-Browser Support for time entry in Project Web App – FireFox, Safari, and Chrome.

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