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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Bulk Import tool - (401) Unauthorized error #ProjectServer #PS2010 #SP2010

A quick note to share the Bulk Import tool issue i came across while working in NLB environment.

Before i proceed, please note that Bulk Import tool was released along with the release of Project Server 2010 and to be used with Project Server 2010. Till date, i am not sure, if Bulk Import tool without modification will work with Project Server 2013. This issue, and its resolution, is for Project Server 2010 environment.

Some time back Andrew Lavinsky had discuss Bulk Import tool feature in great detail through his blog, a blog worth every minute of your time. Please go through these blog posts if you are interested to use Bulk Import tool:

My post is to highlight the following issue you may come across while trying validating Site URL:

The remote server returned a error: (401) Unauthorized.

Now if you are in NLB environment, and you are accessing your PWA using NLB URL, you will come across an error as mentioned above. 

Resolution is quite simple, though it took me a while to figure it out, you need to use your original PWA URL to access your PWA. Open Bulk Import tool now, ensure that you URL you are entering in also based on original PWA URL, click validate - and this time it work.

Hopefully this will help to some out there - happy importing new projects for analysis as a new year is not far away :)


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