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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

#ProjectServer 2013 upcoming #Exams #Certifications #MCP

This is to share with you all, specially those who are looking forward to Project 2013 and Project Server 2013 certifications, that expected availability of new Project and Project Server exams are  April 2013. 

Expected date, and details of the areas to be measured through the exams, were shared by Microsoft's Jan Kalis here.

Following will be the exams:
  • 74-343 Managing Projects with Microsoft Project 2013
  • 74-344 Managing Programs and Projects with Project Server 2013
The high level details of the skills going to be measured for each of the above exams are as follows:.

74-343 Managing Projects with Microsoft Project 2013
  • Initialize a Project
    1. Create a new project.
    2. Create and maintain calendars.
    3. Create custom fields.
    4. Customize option settings.
  • Create a Task-Based Schedule
    1. Set up project information.
    2. Create and modify a project task structure.
    3. Build a logical schedule model .
    4. Create a user-controlled schedule.
    5. Manage multiple projects.
  • Manage Resources and Assignments
    1. Enter and edit resource information.
    2. Create and edit resource assignments.
    3. Manage resource allocation.
    4. Manage resource allocations by using Team Planner.
    5. Model project costs
  • Track and Analyze a Project
    1. Set and maintain baselines.
    2. Update actual progress.
    3. Compare progress against a baseline.
    4. Resolve potential schedule problems.
    5. Display Critical Path information
  • Communicate Project Information
    1. Apply and customize views.
    2. Share data with other applications.
    3. Configure and display reports and dashboards.
    4. Connect and share data with SharePoint.
    5. Extend Project 2013.
74-344 Managing Programs and Projects with Project Server 2013
  • Create Enterprise Projects and Portfolios
    1. Define strategic alignment.
    2. Optimize portfolios.
    3. Create a new enterprise project.
    4. Create a program with master projects and sub-projects
  • Plan Enterprise Projects and Resources
    1. Manage resources and teams.
    2. Build a resource plan.
    3. Build a project team.
    4. Resolve resource over allocations across projects.
    5. Baseline enterprise projects
  • Track and Collaborate on an Enterprise Project
    1. Select a tracking method.
    2. Manage task assignments.
    3. Update tasks and time-sheets.
    4. Approve tasks and time-sheets.
    5. Update a project schedule.
  • Manage Configurable Enterprise Objects
    1. Customize Project Web App views and reports.
    2. Manage and extend Project Online and Project Server.
    3. Manage risks, issues, and deliverable.
    4. Customize a project site
The expected date, and the objective domain of the exams, were shared by Jan Kalis in his blog. To find more details of domains mentioned above, download the details from this blog post:


Hi Khurram,

Here in the US, the exams have been out for about two weeks and I am the first person in my city to pass both of them. I would really encourage anyone preparing for the exam to know the features in-depth. The exam had some very complex business scenarios you had to solve. Best of luck to everyone.

Thanks Cindy for sharing a valuable feedback.

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