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Thursday, August 30, 2012

I am Alive..

Hello all,

Its been a while since i am not writing, and that due to multiple reasons. First and foremost is due to my over occupied work load, and other reasons are several :) so lets ignore all the other excuses.

But the good thing is that i am back to business, and more focused towards what i love to do the most.

There is a lot happening in Microsoft world, new versions of almost all the client and server products are on their way - which is great and exciting.Same is for the SharePoint family products, and the one i (and all of EPM lovers :) ) was quite anxiously looking forward to was Project Server 2013.

Currently i am in phase of setting up my VM with PS 2013, and will get back with more information through blogs in future. You can get your hands on to lot of information related to PS 2013, available on Tech Net in very structured way, here.



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