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About ME

Khurram Jamshed possess a unique expertise supported with number of years of experience of developing and automating Project Management processes and building Project Management Office, using Project and Project Server products.  

The author of the blog is Microsoft Certified Specialist of Project and Project Server 2013. He posses specialist certification of Microsoft Specialist of Managing Projects with MS Project 2013. And also Managing Project and Portfolio with Project Server 2013.

He is also Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist of Project 2010 and Project Server 2010. 

Further to above, he is also Microsoft Certified IT Professional of EPM 2007. This is all on top of  his Computer Science and Business Administration degrees, coupled with his strong communication/problem-solving skills and thorough knowledge of the Product and Project Management domain.

He has a good number of years of experience of EPM Solution design, EPM sales/pre-sales, deployment, and implementation consultancy. Also involved in various customization and integration of Project Server with other LOB applications. He also conducts training sessions of Project Web Application, and Project Professional to the Project Managers, Executives. For his active and continous participation in various Microsoft official forums and users groups, he has been recognized by MS and achieved a Microsoft Community Contributor Award for Year 2011. He also manages a blog related to EPM solution and knowledge sharing related to Project and Project Server products.