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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Project Server 2013 More Symptoms to Lost Resource Issue #PS2013 #LostResources #ProjectServer

In relation to a famous Lost Resources issue in Project Server 2013, i would like to share few more symptoms that can help you to identify this issue and apply the relative fix. Also the purpose is to feed search engines with more relevant data to help us lead to right direction.

By the way if anyone has already applied April 2014 CU, or planning to apply, then note that the fix for this issue is available as part of this April 2014 CU. But the fix will not solve any existing affected projects, and you need to follow Brian's advise mentioned in his blog (URL available below) to fix it.

Also more details and immediate fix, in case you are not planning to apply CU, is available here at Brian Smith's blog: Blog and Fix

Following are my findings related to the same issue:

Error on Project Page in PWA:

The general error statement on PWA page is not so helpful :)

Queue Error:

You will find project stuck in queue with percentage completed less than 100%, and error details would be:

  • Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.BusinessLayer.Queue.Message:
    • ProjectPublishFailure (23000). Details: id='23000' name='ProjectPublishFailure' uid='187759d1-663f-e411-8b70-0050569b2beb' projectuid='1201772f-00b0-e311-baa9-782bcba8cb82' messagetype='Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.BusinessLayer.QueueMsg.PublishProjectMessage' messageID='16' stage='' blocking='Block'

Using JOB ID mentioned, searching ULS Log will help you find below details: